Lousiness and parasites in your essay

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So, you know what an essay is, how to write it correctly and how to spoil it. If you have already prepared the text, it’s a matter of small – carefully subtract. Do not look for an equalizer at once: in your text, there can be both logical and factual errors that will not be corrected by any spots in the English language. Working with the text is similar to the diagnosis of the body. There are as many levels

   Check for “lousiness”

By “lousiness” here we mean insincerity and illogicality. Nobody, except you, yes, maybe two or three close people, will help in this test. Postpone the text for a few days (at least until tomorrow), and then walk through the text with a fresh look. Think about whether you were sincere at the time of writing, it is logical to state whether all thoughts are reasonably well-argued. If everything is in order, let’s read to friends and go to the next stage. If you yourself feel that not everything, process the text.

Much is being built on facts. And with them, alas, it is customary to juggle to please yourself. And if it passes by journalists, bloggers, Internet writers, the public is not very well educated, and often lazy, then this trick will not work with teachers and employers. Check every fact. Check with several sources. Remember, Wikipedia is not the ultimate truth.

   Killing all  “parasites”

With the facts, we are done. Now – about the text itself. Let’s say you do not make speech errors. You are an honors pupil of the philological faculty and you know better than the teacher where to put commas. But English has plenty of other traps where you can make mistake. But at nowadays there are plenty of programs that can help you

You worked with the style and did not allow any spelling mistakes … but are you sure of that? With gross errors and typos, Word will help you to cope, but you still have to catch “fleas”. Pay attention to the consistency of words, to be found in verbs, prepositions, etc. Be sure to check the punctuation.

So keep forward with writing an essay. But remember about all these parasites that can destroy all your job. Try ti right and check as many as you need to become a professional.