Top 3 things to avoid in your essay

At school, we always write essays from the beginning, from the first grades. You may not understand this, but those same works on free themes first point of a successful writer. The first experience that you probably have. But still, this is not enough to write an essay. Let’s go and look at the most popular essay.

Great lyrics!

    The lyrics grab the reader. He will be very interested in learning how you came to life how beautiful your sunset. More old epithets, more metaphors, and comparisons – this is sure to be appreciated. If they would understand. I think no….

Huge introduction

    Be sure to tell the reader about your life, about who your parents were, grandparents, about what pushed you to the topic of the essay. The introduction, occupying half a text, will certainly intrigue the reader.Again wrong.

Do not specify anything.

And in general, you need more water and stamps. Talk about how important it is that you went to study specifically for a teacher, an interpreter, an engineer, a manager, in what a wonderful place is your university, office or city, how great it is if wars end in the whole world. Ask to write about what you would like to change in your institution? Be sure to tell us about teacher training and salary growth, new repair or deepening of the curriculum. Do not name any specific names or facts.Wrong? Of course!

More facts.

Do not know how to make an elephant out of the bag? Go from the opposite – fill the essay with facts. Surnames, dates, names of studies, their results, city, and world news – everything will go. Conclusions are shorter – you write for academicians who are able to find logic and summarize. But not to looooong. Your readers can think that they are idiots.

Never, and under no circumstances, reread your text.

You did not write for yourself, but for others, so let these others read your essay and imagine about your talent. It does not matter how many “fleas” the reader will catch in your text, and how logical the presentation will seem to him. You are a talent who does not need proofreading and editing.

Follow these tips, and you can write the most “GREAT” opuses. Maybe they will even be remembered. Of course, this is a joke, but in any way please try to avoid these mistake in writing your essay.