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If you still decide to write reviews, guides or stories, then you should accept and understand one simple fact – errors in the text will always be. This is an axiom that does not require proof. While studying at the Institute at the Physics Faculty, I often ran to the girls at the philological faculty and without even expecting it, I got carried away by lectures on the Russian language and literature. After a while, I was noticed by the professor who led these lectures, and allowed me to attend, despite the fact that I did not study there. So he told me that even he has two or three errors for every five pages of the text. But at the moment of writing the text, our imagination also works to its fullest.

When you come up with a good idea, which should be written down – focus exclusively on those pictures that draw imagination. At this moment, try to write down everything that you see, feel and think. Write on the machine, not caring about the correctness of the phrases and sentences, commas, dashes, the formulation of direct speech. And only then, when everything is written down, return to this part of the text and begin to correct mistakes, style. The writer’s brain during the writing of the text is heavily loaded, especially if it is accompanied by inspiration, and mistakes in the text and style are inevitable. But, it’s not scary, the main thing is to write down everything, and mistakes can be corrected later.

The way to deal with errors is fairly simple, and at the same time extremely tedious and boring. You write a review. Write a day, a week, a month. At some point you sit down at the computer with a firm intention to finish the next chapter, but the text is not written. Well, that’s not all gone, the mood is not right, my head hurts, spring, I want to walk, etc. In this case, you need to read what you wrote earlier. Reading the previously written text, you find in it errors – unnecessary or missing commas, incorrectly written words, sentences that are poorly perceived. The golden rule of any writer – in any incomprehensible situation read the previously written text. This helps to significantly improve the quality of the text itself, as well as get rid of errors.

Top 3 things to avoid in your essay

At school, we always write essays from the beginning, from the first grades. You may not understand this, but those same works on free themes first point of a successful writer. The first experience that you probably have. But still, this is not enough to write an essay. Let’s go and look at the most popular essay.

Great lyrics!

    The lyrics grab the reader. He will be very interested in learning how you came to life how beautiful your sunset. More old epithets, more metaphors, and comparisons – this is sure to be appreciated. If they would understand. I think no….

Huge introduction

    Be sure to tell the reader about your life, about who your parents were, grandparents, about what pushed you to the topic of the essay. The introduction, occupying half a text, will certainly intrigue the reader.Again wrong.

Do not specify anything.

And in general, you need more water and stamps. Talk about how important it is that you went to study specifically for a teacher, an interpreter, an engineer, a manager, in what a wonderful place is your university, office or city, how great it is if wars end in the whole world. Ask to write about what you would like to change in your institution? Be sure to tell us about teacher training and salary growth, new repair or deepening of the curriculum. Do not name any specific names or facts.Wrong? Of course!

More facts.

Do not know how to make an elephant out of the bag? Go from the opposite – fill the essay with facts. Surnames, dates, names of studies, their results, city, and world news – everything will go. Conclusions are shorter – you write for academicians who are able to find logic and summarize. But not to looooong. Your readers can think that they are idiots.

Never, and under no circumstances, reread your text.

You did not write for yourself, but for others, so let these others read your essay and imagine about your talent. It does not matter how many “fleas” the reader will catch in your text, and how logical the presentation will seem to him. You are a talent who does not need proofreading and editing.

Follow these tips, and you can write the most “GREAT” opuses. Maybe they will even be remembered. Of course, this is a joke, but in any way please try to avoid these mistake in writing your essay.

What should I write in abstract

An abstract is a kind of written work, where we write on a certain theme, information for which we take from different materials

   Student s think about an abstract as a lower student work in comparison with course or diploma. We pay less time and attention to its writing, and quite often we don’t care about information, I mean originality, usually it looks just copy and paste.

Abstracts allow people who can be interested in an advanced work to quickly decide is it worth their time to read it or not.

An abstract should show as much as possible of the useful and actual information in the document, and also reflect its truessful. Usually, an informative abstract give an answer to these questions in less than 200 words.

Here are some other examples to keep in mind about abstracts:

   An abstract always read with the title, so don’t repeat or rephrase the main theme.

   Your readers expect you to collect your ideas as well as your methods, new ideas, purposes.

   Do not write in the abstract to information that deals with the topic

   Avoid using I or we, but when it’s useful try to use active verbs and don’t use passive voice.

   Use keywords from the document. They make much easier to find your document for different people.


Now let’s create the topic. Sometimes master gives it to you, sometimes offers you to take from a large list of themes, and only if you are lucky to give complete freedom for choosing any topic you like, if only the abstract was the part of the program you are studying now. When you are taking the topic the main thing is to be guided by one’s own interest. If the topic is close and interesting, writing an essay on it will go with pleasure, even if in essence it is deeper and more difficult than others.

   Given the ignorance of many students about the methods of checking the essay teacher, often against them are such moments:

The low originality of the abstract. Some checking teachers with the help of special programs calculate plagiarism, after which the abstract go back to the student for revision. In the worst cases, you can immediately get a negative influence. The style of the narrative of the essay is not scientific. Remember: in any student’s work, the use of non-scientific style is unacceptable.

Lousiness and parasites in your essay

So, you know what an essay is, how to write it correctly and how to spoil it. If you have already prepared the text, it’s a matter of small – carefully subtract. Do not look for an equalizer at once: in your text, there can be both logical and factual errors that will not be corrected by any spots in the English language. Working with the text is similar to the diagnosis of the body. There are as many levels

   Check for “lousiness”

By “lousiness” here we mean insincerity and illogicality. Nobody, except you, yes, maybe two or three close people, will help in this test. Postpone the text for a few days (at least until tomorrow), and then walk through the text with a fresh look. Think about whether you were sincere at the time of writing, it is logical to state whether all thoughts are reasonably well-argued. If everything is in order, let’s read to friends and go to the next stage. If you yourself feel that not everything, process the text.

Much is being built on facts. And with them, alas, it is customary to juggle to please yourself. And if it passes by journalists, bloggers, Internet writers, the public is not very well educated, and often lazy, then this trick will not work with teachers and employers. Check every fact. Check with several sources. Remember, Wikipedia is not the ultimate truth.

   Killing all  “parasites”

With the facts, we are done. Now – about the text itself. Let’s say you do not make speech errors. You are an honors pupil of the philological faculty and you know better than the teacher where to put commas. But English has plenty of other traps where you can make mistake. But at nowadays there are plenty of programs that can help you

You worked with the style and did not allow any spelling mistakes … but are you sure of that? With gross errors and typos, Word will help you to cope, but you still have to catch “fleas”. Pay attention to the consistency of words, to be found in verbs, prepositions, etc. Be sure to check the punctuation.

So keep forward with writing an essay. But remember about all these parasites that can destroy all your job. Try ti right and check as many as you need to become a professional.

Dissertation. How to write it correctly

Candidate dissertation is always a qualification work. You are defending some kind of your work in which you show your knowledge in some spheres. This should not be something that changes the entire world. The point of this paper is to show your skills in your discipline and show up the results through a unique piece of your fob that will show the value for the academic and scientific society

It’s not easy to write any dissertation.

Most people usually start with great interest, but this huge project can throw them into depression. Planning, research, and combine will be the longest and most challenge you’ve ever try to

These are some of the most common problems students have when writing their dissertations:

Poor research skills. Students with not enough experience with an academic level of job think they just need to collect few relevant resources and get some information from them. That’s far from the reality. You need to understand those materials scrupulously and discuss them in the paper.

Here you need the help of a scientific leader – he must throw ideas and tasks, one of which should interest you. When interested – just look on the Internet, ask how much is done on it

Lack of writing skills. All you paper should follow rules of academic level of writing. You should write in according to style, form, and language.

Here are usually no weekly deadlines from professors, no regular discussions with classmates, no reading assignments, no one telling you what to do—you are on your own, writing something longer than you’ve ever written, and doing it without a net.

There are tasks, problems, and good intentions, this must be clearly distinguished

You must accurately give yourself an answer to the question – why do you personally need a dissertation. A very, very serious motivation is needed to start this work. This is a hard and often unpleasant work that will take several months very intensive

If there is a ready-made, more or less complete piece – to describe and publish.

Participation in conferences, as well as the study of other author’s abstracts

A very big problem inherent in many works. People are not able to formulate what new they discovered  and offer to their discipline

In 9 dissertations out of 10, I could write the same question as an opponent’s comment without even looking at the work. They say that insufficient analysis and comparison of the proposed method with respect to existing analogs has been carried out. The problem is both in the theoretical part of the comparison and in the practical